Top 10 Sites Free Receive SMS Online Via Temp Phone Number

A temp phone number is used for signing up on websites, dating apps, or online groups. It helps hide your identity and prevents spam calls. Temp phone numbers a disposable numbers which is used only for one time.

People use temp phone numbers for short-term projects, travel, or when they want to chat without revealing their actual number. People commonly use them in situations where they need a phone number for a short period. This could be for a temporary project or while traveling.

Another common use is when you want to maintain your privacy and not share your actual phone number. They are useful for confirming accounts, adding more security to your online things, and separating personal and business calls.

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Why use a Temp Phone Number? Think about the advantages.

There are good reasons to use the Temp Phone Number :

  1. Sometimes, you don’t want to share your regular phone number when you sign up for websites or apps. Using an online service lets you keep your Phone number secret.
  2. Getting text messages online can make your online stuff more secure. When you get a code to log in, using a Temp Phone number adds extra protection.
  3. Online texting can stop spam and texts you don’t want from clogging up your phone. You can use it for things you’re not sure about.
  4. Using a Temp Phone number instead of sharing your real one simplifies Quick Chats. This is especially useful when talking to someone, such as when selling things online.
  5. If you are traveling to other countries, using a temporary phone number lets you stay reachable without paying big phone bills.
  6. Stay anonymous online by using Temp Phone numbers to hide your real identity when participating in discussions or surveys online.
  7. Some people use online numbers for work, so their personal calls and work calls don’t mix.
  8. If you are testing stuff online or doing research, online Phone numbers help you keep your regular number safe.

The Top 10 Websites for Use Temp Phone Number Online

There are 10 websites where you can use temporary phone numbers online:

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AnonymSMS is a free tool to receive text messages online without giving out your phone number. The cool thing is that these temporary phone numbers are real SIM card numbers. That means you can check all the messages sent to this number online.

anonymssms temp phone number online


Quackr lets you use a safe, temporary online phone number instead of your real one. You can get text messages online in the USA, UK, and 22 other countries. Get new free phone numbers every month. Remember our website and come back for the latest numbers.

Quackr temp phone numbers

3. is a website, That allows you to avoid OTP on your number. It offers virtual phone numbers that users can use to verify SMS and create accounts. You can use them on social media and messaging apps. temp phone numbers

4. is a free tool where you can get SMS messages and voicemails online. You don’t have to sign up or create an account. Simply choose a phone number from the list below. You can use it to get messages from Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, VK, PayPal, Alipay, and more.

mytempsms temp phone number


This is a useful platform for getting free SMS messages online. It is useful for getting one-time passwords, Some users said some virtual phone numbers do not work, but the website is generally convenient. temp phone number

6. provides free SMS verification through a temp phone number online. You can use our numbers for free, no need to pay or sign up for an account. You can also make new accounts using these temp Phone number.

Get free verification codes for 300+ apps and websites like WhatsApp, Google, Facebook, WeChat, Telegram, Viber, Line, KakaoTalk, Gmail, and more. temp phone numbers

7. offers a service, where you can get SMS messages online using our phone numbers, and it’s completely free. created this service to protect you from the increasing amount of unwanted SMS spam lately.

receive smss live temp phone numbers

8. provides SMS service from anywhere in the world to our temp phone numbers in Canada. We aim to protect your privacy and it is free.


9. Temp Number – Receive SMS Online On temporary numbers helps you for free. You can use temp phone numbers to get text messages online without revealing your personal number. It helps you use temp numbers and keep your own data private, so you don’t have to deal with spam.


5 SIM allows you to skip verification SMS using a temp phone number. you can Register many profiles on websites, by receiving a confirmation code online.


How to get a temp phone number?

To get a temporary phone number, sign up for a service like or and choose a number for temporary use.

How to get a temporary phone number for verification? allows you to skip verification SMS using a temp phone number. you can Register many profiles on websites, by receiving a confirmation code online.

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